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Good Guy ~ 351

Good Guy

Men's T-Shirt
Classic-cut standard weight t-shirt for men, 100% cotton, Brand: Gildan or Fruit of the Loom


Let's face it - once you're past whether or not you approve of how someone looks, the next major initial hurdle to a new romance is the 'Asshole Determination'. You don't need a pick-up line or to buy drinks for someone or anything else, you just need to reassure the other person you're not an asshole. It's smooth sailing from there! OK, not completely, but kind of. Anyway, this shirt will reassure the object of your affection, and you'll be on your way to true romance! Based on Lesson #1226 - Initial Romance Hurdles (

  • fuchsia
  • orange
  • brown
  • purple
  • red
  • heather gray
  • royal blue
  • bright green
  • light oxford
  • white
  • khaki
  • burgundy
  • black
  • navy
  • powder blue
  • forest green
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